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What Employed Students Need to Know and Do

When part-time college students who shop and work in the summer have a significant need to “keep up their jobs”, there are things they can do to improve their chances of continuing their work. ۔ Job-protecting students should:

  1. Understand the basics of their work.

A. Understand exactly what “what” needs to be done and how it needs to be done

B. Identify the people they serve: caretakers, internal and external users

C. Become an expert in the technical and difficult aspects of your job

D We strive to improve their relationships with co-workers and customers

e. Learn what their customers want and how they want it

f. Learn non-stop workouts that should be avoided

Yes. Identify the people who have the most impact on their future

h. Be prepared to sacrifice for your employers

I. Understand their supervisor’s needs, desires, rates and hot buttons

Jay Makes everyone around you look good

the. Work to the best of your ability (benefit the employer)

a. Meet or exceed quality requirements

B. Meet or exceed the expected quantity or quantity

C. Meeting or exceeding the level of service that customers need and can expect

Assess D problems and suggest ways to improve or prevent them

E. Communicate effectively. Keep people up to date. Beware of these problems

f. Comply with time and time requirements

Yes. Be prepared to try to have a positive, attitude

h. Help others when they need it

I. Improving employer’s image and reputation

work. To influence other work ethics and influence, the job student should ask these questions as needed.

a. What’s next

b. What else can I do?

C. How can I help?

How can I perform this part of the job better?

e. How can I better serve my customers?

f. How can I find out more?

Yes. Whose information do I have?

  1. Serve both their internal and external customers

A. Identify primary and secondary users

B. Learn the preferences, needs, desires, and expectations of each customer

C. Know the features of each customer

Give users better, faster access wherever and whenever they want

  1. Create ideas:

a. Improving the quality and speed of products and services

B. New products and services

C. Attracting New Customers

D. Improving profit margins

E. Increasing sales

  1. Establish good relationships with other employees and other departments.

a. Share happiness with everyone. Smile and smile

B Listen and learn from the best employees

C. Be there when others need help

Be ready to share information

e. Encourage

f. Know who you can trust and who you can’t

  1. Accept the fact that there are things that are beyond personal control.

One. Work and happiness, despite the bad things

Sometimes this happens to employees for no reason

B. Create a backup plan that works, if anything

Their jobs are being strengthened

  1. An emergency plan for seeking another job should include the following steps:

A. Receive highly written citations and recommendations

He has worked with inspiring people

B. Ask for ideas, suggestions and contacts from the same people

Can help them find useful information about job search

C. See the Career Services Office

D If you have contacts and suggestions with professors, talk to them

e. Update their summary – Input, highlight achievements,

Achievements and outstanding performance fields

Identify and contact the owner of any interest

Yes. Identify and participate in trade unions and local organizations

Business organizations

h. Make a list of possible network connections Use their network

Identify job opportunities and additional links.

I. Create some work-related ideas and stories that could be

Used in networking meetings and interviews

Jay Create a script and follow it when talking to network contacts

k. Be flexible with the new work that they accept. There are some jobs in difficult times

Recognize that hiring students need to be successful for their current employers before things start to look dramatically good. They have to do everything they can to become an employee that they want to employ. Extraordinary performance sometimes has a positive effect on difficult decisions that annoying employers have to make. However, when retaining your current job may or may not seem like it, wise students take the initial steps that give them the best chance of getting a new job.

Bob Roth is a former campus recruiter, author of five books, including: OMG, Things I Learned at University, The Successful Parents of Year T

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