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What are the Best Jobs for International Students

When you’re fresh off the boat, and already pretty tight on cash with all the accomodation, food and bills to pay, here are some odd jobs that are easiest to get started with.

If you’ve got a driving license from your previous country of residene, start with Uber Eats / Deliveroo, etc. The pick of the gig economy easily earns you $20-$40 per hour and isn’t as hard a job as picking watermelonson a farm.

Another easy to get started job is security guards. All it takes is a short course/certification to get you eligible for all security jobs. Next thing, you’re seen sitting idle keeping an eye on people and getting paid! W00t w00t!

Supermarkets are hardwork but do get you a job really easily due to their access. If you’re looking to stack shelves or scan items on the til for a living in the short term, this is another option to consider.

Waiting tables at a cafe/restaurant is another easy to get job. Especially if you’re a woman, there are always more waitresses required than waiters. Go for it!

Ever seen those traffic people holding “SLOW” signs whenever roadworks are underway. They make a killing! Up to $40 per hour easy! Again, you need a short certification for this one, but it’s easy and quick.

In a post-COVID world, cleaning is quintessential to everything more than ever, hence, this is another job that is only booming. So if you’re looking to do cleaning, there’s lots of companies hiring.

Nannies/au pairs are another most wanted resource. Families are looking for individuals to come part time or live in with them to look after their children or help with household chores. Another easy job but not as well paid.

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