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Human Nature – Does It Exist

There are many cultural and individual differences between people, but do people have something in common? According to philosopher John Locke, human nature does not exist. In his view, the brain creates an “empty slate” without rules, so information is included and the rules of action are merely sensory experiments.

Even if she is wrong, whatever human nature may be to us is a complex thing.

“Although we are violent, we too have a tendency to be compassionate, cooperative and self-governed.” (Steven Pinker, Harvard Professor of Psychology)

Therefore, the term “human nature” is controversial because they debate it whether such a thing exists. Is the punishment according to this? Is human nature misleading or a bad idea?


Biologists believe that humans are just a new species of animal. An intelligent and funny order at the top. Like animals, we strive to satisfy the natural effort and pain relief of the basic needs of the body for food, housing, sex and comfort. Expert biologist Richard Dickens, selfish jin, points out that according to evolutionary theory, human make-up must have a self-track that is good enough to survive for generations.

Although we are born with the success of our ancestors in meeting the needs of the body at the expense of others, it is difficult to see how such a human being can be a perfect picture. It is difficult for biologists to explain the greatness and compassion associated with the sacrifice of some after natural disasters.

Is human nature primarily good?
The well-known Chinese philosopher Mencius believed that goodness is for human instincts, for example, kindness and humility. He argued that if a person behaves badly; it is not because of his constitution but because of the unhealthy environment. Similar ideas exist in today’s secular humanities. So, for example, people turn to crime because of poverty or their criminal subculture. By emphasizing human value and efficiency, humanism shows faith in the inherent goodness of human nature.

However, it is difficult for people to maintain this view in terms of inhumane and inhuman things.

“Human nature is potentially offensive and destructive and potentially organized and constructive.” (Margaret Mead, cultural anthropologist)

Is human nature bad?

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There is a theory in all religions that there is something wrong with the moral nature of the people. However, understanding is what I consider being an extreme version of the Orthodox Christian doctrine of original sin. The Catholic Church and most mainstream Protestant religions teach that all people are born into sin because of Adam’s sin.

According to Jeffrey Brod (Professor of Religious Studies at California State University), there are many qualities of human nature, ranging from the nature of sin, but without the guilt of collective, to such dramatic things as “the nature of sin.” ۔ Through total guilt or gross guilt of all human beings through collective guilt. I think this theory has led to a great deal of subjective crime and self-condemnation.

An alternative view is that our common condition is an awareness that we are separate individuals with our mind and body. The result is a general trend toward self-determination. So part of our makeup is to take care of our needs naturally. It can be a positive thing, such as self-development of personal skills or self-reflection. The problem is the danger that it means that we are to be self-centered and take a selfish attitude if we are not careful.

So, according to this view, we are not primarily bad or good, but our human nature is both positive and negative.

“From a moral point of view, from an intellectual point of view, a child is neither born of good nor evil, but owns his destination.” (Jean Padgett, pediatrician)

Is the spirit of human nature?
Pure natural appetite The second object of seeing human nature as a natural appetite arises from spiritual thought which clearly applies to human faculties. This idea has its roots in the ancient Greeks. The works of Plato and Aristotle have a distinct nature of the human spirit. One area is human and rational. The second part is a house of hopes or madness is like an animal.

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Likewise, according to Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual philosophy, we can think humanly, unlike animals, with freedom and rationality. So man has to be free and able to think and choose.

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